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PE pipes with Slits/Perforations

鸿狼彩票appPE pipes up to 1600mm diameter are effectively used in river water infiltration galleries for harvesting water even during dry times.

Subsoil drainage system without using geo-textile has become a possibility with the PE pipes due to their very fine slits/perforations which is not possible with the conventional pipes.


  • River-water-intake infiltration gallery

  • Sub surface drainage system for roads/highways

  • Sub surface drainage system for draining excess water from lawns/gardens/agricultural farms

  • 鸿狼彩票appSub surface drainage for large construction water logged sites

  • 鸿狼彩票appCollection of methane & leachate gas from landfill dump

  • 鸿狼彩票appDecomposition of city’s solid waste in dumping yards

  • Sea water intake assembly

  • Sub surface drainage for car test-tracks & formula one racing tracks

  • 鸿狼彩票appAirport runway sub surface drainage systems

  • Sub surface drainage for sport stadium lawns

  • 鸿狼彩票appWater re-circulation channels for swimming pools

  • 鸿狼彩票appCooling towers in ice factories